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Hello and welcome to our Everest Eats family. We are Katy and Jose, a power couple that has experienced the many ups and downs of life, the ebbs, and flows, and the trials and tribulations to end up here, the perfect place we were meant to be with two beautiful children Everest & Denali on a mission to educate the mind, nourish the bodies, and free the souls of those around us.

As parents, we have realized that the most important information one can obtain is how to live the happiest, healthiest, and most abundant life possible so that we create the best possible environment for our children. We realized that life was not just about us anymore, it became about developing the best habits possible so that our children could learn from us and go on living their best lives free of fear, free of doubt, free of sickness, free of disease, free of stress and overall, free of negativity. No matter what, we all want and desire what's best for our children.

So why are we living in times of so much obesity, disease, cancer, depression, anxiety, stress, and overall toxicity? Well, the first thing you have to understand is that it is not your fault! All of our habits and all of our behaviors are based on the environment that we grew up in. Our guardians did the best they could within their best knowledge to show us what they thought was best for our health and well-being. They obviously wanted the best for us but were limited to the information passed down to them or the information gained from other sources based on their life experiences. The information, whether good or bad, was programmed into our minds and is what we use subconsciously (unknowingly most times) to make the life choices we make.

This is why we have spent the last 6 years not only gaining the knowledge necessary to protect our family but more importantly, letting go. Letting go of preconceived beliefs, what we think is right, of judgment, doubt, fear, and lack. Part of the process of change is forgetting about everything you've learned and opening up your mind to all possibilities. When you open up and become curious, you begin seeking what you believe to be the TRUTH! The beauty about the time we live in compared to that of our parents is that the information is there right in the palm of your hand. The amount of great information and resources out there are so abundant thanks to the internet. Yes, there is a lot of confusing information out there as well but the one thing I tell everyone when seeking the truth, lean towards the ones that have the least to gain.

"Like an onion, our life has been about peeling back the layers of negative beliefs that did not

serve us and opening up to our ancient wisdom which is our intuition and what feels right."

Our blog is not about pushing beliefs, our blog is not about pretending that our way is better

and that we know exactly what's best for you. We understand that there is no ONE path. We understand that poor habits we've carried with us throughout our life take time to break and let go of to create space for something better. But it can be done! Day by day, accepting who you are at this moment, with a clear vision of where you want to be.

"We are all on the same journey towards health, wealth, and happiness just taking different


Our intention for this blog is to simply share our life journey, our experiences, our successes,

our failures, our struggles, our fears, our habits, but above all, our life lessons learned from

each and every one of those experiences that have allowed us to manifest an abundance of

health within our bodies, stillness within our minds, and peace within our hearts.

"Become the best person you can be first, then you are ready to lift up others."

We truly feel that it is our life's mission to help others grow so that can come together as a

species to move forward towards creating a happier and healthier future for ourselves and for our little ones. We welcome you on our journey and truly hope that you enjoy the ride. We are truly grateful to have you as a part of our family as we learn and grow together.

Always remember….


Jose & Katy

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