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About Everest

I am an energetic, loving, strong boy who was born naturally in April of 2018. I began to make my way into this world as expected on my due date and was welcomed with nothing but love from my mama and papa. My mama has always given me the best nutrition from her milk and when I was old enough to eat food, I have loved all of the yummy foods my mama makes for me. I like to watch my mama cook in the kitchen and she likes to have my help too.


I have been fortunate to rarely catch a sickness and have only ever experienced a fever and a runny nose in my lifetime. My mama and papa tell me all the time that the food I eat will keep me strong and healthy and I think they’re right. My mama feeds me a lot of colorful fruits and vegetables and my favorite meal of all time is her black bean burger and steamed broccoli. Anytime that I have felt unwell, my mama and papa like to help me feel better through “holistic approaches” they call it. Papa usually slices up some fresh ginger and serves it in a tea and the snotties in my nose usually disappear!


I am told that I’m a very clever boy because I can focus so well, I speak well, and I put things together easily. My favorite thing in the whole wide world is the love and patience I get from my mama and papa. There are sometimes when I don’t handle myself well and my mama and papa are always there to give me a loving hug, kiss and an ugga mugga to make it all better. I like to laugh a lot, I love to dance, I love trains and more than ever I love to go hiking! My mama carried me in a carrier for my first hike when I was 6 days old and we hike a lot! I like to hear and see nature and the wild. “Hike” was one of my first words that I spoke!


I always see the hard work that my mama and papa do to keep my environment clean and healthy. I like to help them recycle and pick up any trash that we find when we’re hiking. My food and water is never served on plastic and mostly all of my toys are wooden. My bath time soap and toothpaste don’t have any yucky chemicals in it and I have always worn bamboo diapers. I love nature and the beautiful world that we live in and I know my mama and papa will always teach me and guide me on how to keep it clean and sustainable for me and my pals.

About Katy

My passion has always resided within the nutritional realm. I obtained my Associates in Applied Science in Nutrition in 2007 and my Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science in 2017. My Environmental Science studies was what brought to light the desire and need to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. I had retained information and facts outlining the various ways in which our diets impact the environment and public health. Immediately in my first semester I made the decision to no longer consume animal products and José was fully on board with me. I have since been eagerly passionate in the kitchen creating recipes that I can really enjoy and crave for.


I love to eat and to me - nothing is more disappointing than ordering a meal at a restaurant and not loving it. José and I have experienced a lot of that since we’ve become plant-based and thus end up cooking nearly all of our meals and rarely go out to eat at a restaurant unless it’s ethnic foods.


Since adopting a plant-based lifestyle, I have seen so many shifts within my health, both mental and physical, my skin, my energy and my endurance after adopting a plant-based lifestyle. I have fully achieved two healthy pregnancies and in both I was full of energy, I hiked and practiced yoga daily and of course worked on my feet cooking for our family and most empowering of all, given natural birth to both Everest and Denali. At the core of my health and wellbeing, I absolutely have to attribute it to living a plant-based lifestyle. I have never felt so great in my life! 

About Jose

I am a Florida native and I completed my Bachelor’s degree in 2010 at Newbury College in South Carolina. I was granted several scholarships in recognition of my athletic performance as a catcher in baseball and continued to play baseball throughout college. Following my graduation from college, I got the opportunity to travel the world doing something I was passionate about – coaching baseball. In 2013 I moved to Southwestern Pennsylvania to start a career as an Environmental Health and Safety professional.


Throughout my career I had learned of so many toxins that our bodies are exposed to on the regular, whether it be from the chemicals in our household cleaning products, the air we breathe, health and beauty products, the foods we consume or the radiation exposure from technology. With the information I had obtained, Katy and I made the decision to detox our lives of as much of these toxins as possible. It became very evident to me that we live in a very sick world and all of these toxins we are exposed to daily from various sources could very well be a contributing factor to our illnesses.


During Everest’s pregnancy, Katy and I began practicing yoga and meditation several times a week. This allowed for a deeper understanding of the way the mind and body are connected and enabled us to make the connection between what we eat, the toxins we are exposed to and how our bodies feel. After adopting a plant-based lifestyle and consistently doing yoga and meditation, I realize how vital this information could have been while playing collegiate baseball. The mindfulness of meditation would have been incredibly useful in collegiate baseball as well since baseball is 90% a mental sport. I feel that this lifestyle would be incredibly beneficial to athletes as well as anyone who just wants to feel and perform better in their everyday lives.

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