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Everest Eats was created as a dedication to our children, Everest and Denali, and all future generations.

We believe we have a responsibility to leave for future generations a clean and sustainable environment not only for them but for all species on this planet. We believe that adopting a plant-based lifestyle permanently or infrequently is one of the greatest ways that we can strive towards giving future generations a chance to see the world as it was created and not just the remains of how it looked when we were through with it.

We are Everest Eats. We are a family owned plant-based meal delivery company operated by a loving married couple,

José and Katy. 

How it Works

Select your meals

Order your meals by Wednesday for delivery the following Tuesday

Shop, Prep & Package

We source high quality ingredients free of dairy, meat, eggs, harmful preservatives, food dyes, binding agents, emulsifiers, bleach, refined sugars

Dinner is Served

We deliver to your doorstep. Your heat and eat meals


We offer Pickup AND Delivery


Our delivery is based on zip code. Use the map below to see if we deliver to you! 

We have also partnered with 3 pickup locations that we will deliver to free of charge!

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Pickup Locations


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"This food is homemade and really hits the spot. Real ingredients and delicious I would recommend to anyone! I devoured the chocolate cake in about 20 seconds (and it was a decent size piece!!)."


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