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A local plant-Based

Meal Delivery Service

Everest Eats vegan meal delivery about

Everest Eats was created as a dedication to our children, Everest and Denali, and all future generations.

We believe we have a responsibility to leave for future generations a clean and sustainable environment not only for them but for all species on this planet. We believe that adopting a plant-based lifestyle permanently or infrequently is one of the greatest ways that we can strive towards giving future generations a chance to see the world as it was created and not just the remains of how it looked when we were through with it.

We are Everest Eats. We are a family owned plant-based meal deliver company operated by a loving married couple,

José and Katy. 

Main Entrees


Delivered 6/22

Cashew Cream Broccoli Alfredo Pasta 

(gluten free available)


Our decadent cashew cream alfredo sauce with crisp sautéed broccoli. Served with our cheese snow.

Coconut Caribbean Bowl (Gluten Free)

Your choice of coconut crusted cauliflower or tofu nuggets tossed over mojo jasmine or cauliflower rice with Brochachos fresh mango salsa, tostones, and our Piña Colada sauce to drizzle atop.

Walnut Taco Salad (Gluten Free)

Raw walnuts, sun dried tomatoes, veggies and our taco seasoning all blended into taco “meat” form and tossed over a bed of fresh, local greens from Growing Groceries with all the essential taco veggies and our Tangy Mexicana dressing to drizzle atop. 


Buffalo Jackfruit Tacos 

(gluten free option)


Jackfruit shreds marinated in our buffalo ranch sauce and stuffed into a flour tortilla with crisp fresh veggies and the best buttermilk ranch in the Burgh!


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"This food is homemade and really hits the spot. Real ingredients and delicious I would recommend to anyone! I devoured the chocolate cake in about 20 seconds (and it was a decent size piece!!)."


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